Yoshino Ryu

Representative of G&G, specializes in English education.
Won a national speech contest & awarded by the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
lecture “Learn the basics of PowerPoint and let’s make a Doraemon Gadget a reality!” at 2015
“Learn the key basics of PowerPoint and win that investment!” at 2016

Yoshifumi Komasa

Founder of Sky Sea Academy and Sky Sea International Academy (Republic of Ghana). Special Ed Teacher at NPO Showa Gakuen, specialized in STEAM education. Graduated Keio University, majoring Applied Physics and Physico – Informatics.
lecture “Future of Our Universe” at 2015
“Rocket experiment ~one day field work~” at 2016
“Robotics & Programming basic information & competition, Theory of relativity & quantum mechanics, Experiment competition (Organic Chemistry & Distillation), Rocket experiment” at 2017

Volkhard Mäckel

Researcher at the Atomic Physics Laboratory at RIKEN Science Institute. Dissertation at the Max-Planck-Institut für Kernphysik, Heidelberg, Germany, Thesis title: Laser spectroscopy on highly charged ions at the Electron Beam Ion Trap.
lecture “Nuclear energy – good or evil?” at 2015

Takeshi Hakamada

The founder and CEO of ispace technologies, Inc, which aims to the world leading lunar exploration company. M.S in Aerospace Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.
lecture “Meet young researchers and entrepreneurs” at 2016

Taiken Yokoyama

Director of Eiheiji department of international affairs. Head priest at Zenshoji in Hiroshima, conducting international Zen courses, Child Zen courses and many other programs.
Lecture “Zen & science” at 2017

Sohei Wakisaka

Project Researcher, Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology, The University of Tokyo. Master degree and PhD for visual illusion studies.
lecture “Meet young researchers and entrepreneurs” at 2016
“Cognitive bias” at 2017

Satoru Iwata

Assistant Professor Seikei University Faculty of Science and Technology Molecular Control Lab. Doctor degree from Tokyo Institute of Technology. lecture “The material science of the light and the color” at 2015

Satoshi Erdos Kato

Founder of Japan data scientist consortium
Risu-japan director
lecture “Road to Data Scientist, the sexiest job of 21 century” at 2016

Ryo Sakurai

Co-founder of the GOB Incubation Partners
lecture “Create new value by Design Thinking approach” at 2016

Qi Zhang

Research Scientist in Brain Science Institute, Riken.
Adjunct lecturer at Faculty of Science and Engineering, Waseda University.
Invited lecturer at Juntendo University.
lecture “IPS Who are you?” at 2015
“Human body and human brain” at 2016