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“Evolution of mankind, is a result of innovation caused by science and theory, in order to come up with solutions for social issues.” An educational institution that can provide an environment all over the world where students can come up with research topics and immerse in that, will become the driving force to gain the skills and knowledge that will create a positive future for the society and mankind.
At the International School of Science Japan Founding Project (ISSJ), we aim to change the concept of a traditional school, to build something where students’ interests and research projects become the core of learning.

  • Students will live together in a facility that combines daily life and learning, in a safe environment.
  • Students will be able to learn whenever and however, through questioning, receiving lectures and collaborating.
  • Students can choose from lectures and classes, which will help deepen and bring in new ideas to their research field.
  • Students can also connect to applicable researchers, while also having access to the state of the art laboratory and equipment.

ISSJ is not only focused on the physical resources such as facilities and tools, but also in putting our best efforts to providing the right human resources as well.

ISSJ strongly believes that, the new educational institution will produce people with the power to change the future and become an accelerator to lead society better. To establish this and provide an educational opportunity as such to students, a vast amount of wisdom and cooperation is necessary in additional to the financial support. Instead of having an investor or government support founding this educational institution, ISSJ aims to build sustainably through multiple people and entities to support this initiative and help it grow together.

ISSJ is a new social experiment, that creates a chain of reactions from various learning networks, where everyone freely connects without barriers – such as stereotypes, customs, and psychological restrictions. We look forward to collaborating with people and entities whom we can share this community and vision with.

How your support spent

The support we receive from you will be used for our projects as much as possible, unless otherwise requested. If you request a specific use for your support, please feel free to indicate that to us.

We are preparing to open our school in 2020. In this process to open a new school, these supports will be essential to coordinate a dorm and school – in which the students will spend their time, along with developing a curriculum in which students can effectively immerse in their research.
In the preparation of opening the school, we have been hosting a spring and summer program. We will put aside some scholarship money from your support to invite a diverse group of students who have the desire and passion to study science from all over the world.
ISSJ will have a “ISSJ Open Science Club (name TBC)” where students can get the continuous support of their mentors for their research no matter where the students are located. We will also put aside some funding from your support to conduct field work to help deepen the research of students, where necessary.

List of donors

How to donate

A minimum donation is¥200,000. Please donate to the following bank account. If possible, please inform us regarding the donation at: (Thank you for your kind cooperation and support!)

Branch address:Izumi Garden Tower 18F, 1-6-1, Roppongi Minato-ku, Tokyo, 106-6018, Japan
Branch name:Houjindaiichi Branch
Branch code:106
Account number:1233954
Beneficiary Name:ISSJ Inc.

Intermediary Bank:MIZUHO BANK LIMITED.
Intermediary Bank SWIFT BIC:MHCBJPJT