Manai Seminar

12/12 & 12/19 (Sun) 【English Only】
The Basics of PCR

PCR is a powerful and versatile method for amplifying DNA. It can amplify any nucleotide sequence selectively and it is performed entirely in a test tube except for special types of PCR. PCR allows for a DNA from a specified region, selected by the experimenter, to be greatly amplified, effectively “purifying” this DNA away from the remainder of the genome. It is remarkably sensitive: this method can be used to detect the trace amounts of DNA in a drop of blood left at a crime scene or a single copy of a viral genome in a patient’s saliva. We are to learn some basic principles behind this technique during our theoretical workshop also going through some brainstorming exercises. The theoretical workshop will be followed by a practical class in a real research lab to make your own PCR reaction while exploring a novel gene from Japanese newt tail. PCR is a versatile technique with multiple applications both for research and diagnostics and we are going to cover several of them during our regular theoretical and experimental workshops.

This seminar will be held over two days, 12/12 and 12/19, and you are supposed to participate both of them.

Lecturer:Pavel Prosselkov

Used to work for RIKEN BSI (Japan) and Queensland Brain Science Institute (Australia)
PhD in Veterinary Medicine (Tokyo Uni)
Cand.Sci. in Biochemistry
MS in Biology and Biology Teaching
Interested in brain, behavior, intelligence, and evolution
12/12 10:00-13:00 & 12/19 10:00-13:00
Leave a Nest Bio Lab @ Idabashi
Targeted Age
High school students (Junior high school students also possible)
6,000yen (for two days)
12/10 (Fri)





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