Student life after enrollment

Science-centered student life

At Manai, students will not have a common timetable.

Students will optimize their own schedule, centering on what they want to learn. Mainly focusing on research, students will spend their days selecting workshops, experiment programs and online courses that supplement basic knowledge provided by Manai.
Sometimes, in order to obtain a high-level experimental environment necessary for research, students will visit nearby universities and laboratories and conduct joint research. In that case, some students may do research all day long, while other days may be a camp style overnight research using weekends. On the other hand, students may exchange ideas and discuss with colleagues at lunchtime and cafe time and may continue discussion online after returning home. As for sports and extracurricular activities, students can enjoy things they want to with their friends.

There will be no days that are the same at Manai.


Manai will not have a typical lecture style learning, but will have the students’ research as a main method of learning. We learn the most when we are proactively approaching things. We can explore further and deeper by immersing ourselves. Investigate thoroughly. That is to research.

Analyze, investigate in detail, make hypotheses, plan an experiment and repeat seeking solutions to every problem. Experiencing those in depth, creates a sense of self-affirmation, creative thinking and problem-solving will enrich one’s life. Students will choose research themes that they are interested in and proactively learn by themselves, which will help them grow with new knowledge and discoveries.

Innovative Curriculum

Individually tailored program to learn through research.
No simple knowledge-acquiring courses, provide students an environment where they can proactively learn by themselves.

Under the guidance of the Mentor, students will immerse in their studies everyday and be able to write and present their research papers. Manai will provide every environment necessary for its research.
Manai will make full use of our network with researchers around the world and secure access to abundant and good quality knowledge and resources.

By providing these environments, we believe that not only can students freely immerse themselves, but also express themselves to their fullest.


To cultivate research abilities and to learn useful scientific knowledge, Manai has prepared about 100 experiments.
The knowledge required for experiments and writing reports can be learned through online courses and other sources.
It is most important for individuals to recognize the necessity of the different field of studies and want to learn more.

Our Mentors

Yoshi (Yoshifumi Komasa)
Yoshi (Yoshifumi Komasa)
Manai Chief Mentor / Curriculum Developer

Yoshi graduated from Keio University majoring in Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics. Founded Sky Sea International Academy in Ghana. He also works with a class of students over IQ130 at NPO Showa Gakuen.

  • Creating a bulk mono-crystal using silicon isotope as semiconductor material for quantum computing (2003)
  • Three dimensional dynamic modeling of single pendulum (2004)
  • Disaster planning, building, and performance of large scale system using Linux on Mainframe (2008)
Gaku Nagashima
Gaku Nagashima
Concept Director / Mentor

M.S. – Harvard University
B.S. – SUNY Stony Brook.
While researching at Harvard University as a PhD candidate in applied physics, Gaku began practicing meditation and yoga, and got interested in the possibilities of spiritual practices and effects of sound and music.
While conducting spiritual practices and performing as a DJ, Gaku helps the ISSJ founding project as a concept director and mentor.

  • “Superheating and homogeneous single bubble nucleation in a solid-state nanopore.”Physical Review Letters, 113, Pp. 024506.