Philosophy of Manai

Do What You Love

Manai’s mission is to create such a world where people can freely immerse themselves in their favorite things.

The human race had to sacrifice a lot in order to gain freedom. Through the tireless efforts of our ancestors, we are now able to have a lot of environments where we are free from oppression, feudal systems, doctrines and traditions. But now, if you look around, there are many people who are unconsciously oppressed by morality, collective promises, moods, pressure and restricted behavior.

It seems that freedom today comes with the price tag of a restrained heart. It can be said that we can become free in our true sense when we were able to get rid of common sense, tacit understanding, entraining pressure, which is inconvenienced by us, each being motivated by our own beliefs and interests.

Create a place for people to meet ‘academics · peers · teachers · self-affirmation’

Manai will create a world where people can truly freely pursue their own favorite things. Learning is the only way to make people free. By learning, people become free from the narrow world education and customs, the fixed ideas created by the atmosphere, and they will be able to live their own lives.

Manai will create a place where people can meet different disciplines. There one can find what they are most interested and experience the immersion to something they love.

Manai will create a place where people can meet lifetime peers. Peers to cooperate with, sometimes even compete with and work hard together – these relationships will surely continue for a lifetime.

Manai will create a place where people can gain teachers. Elders you will meet at Manai may not be a typical teacher. They are people who can enjoy themselves thoroughly by themselves and constantly pursue their quest activities and lead people through their own actions.

Manai will create a place where ‘self-affirmation’ will occur. Originally, schools are not place to learn things. It is a place to gain confidence and peace of mind through experiencing feelings like “I can do it” or “I am okay as I am.” The sense of “I can do it” is the driving force to challenge the difficult things at first glance, and the sense that “I am okay as I am” is the foundation of the spirit to take another step.

Update our learning

People learn only from immersion. When you are deeply immersing yourself to something, you learn as much as you can in the process. Even if it is unbalanced, Manai will place importance on exploring and deeply exploring the subjects of his interests.

Everyone gathering at the same place, at the same time, acquire knowledge in a one-way method, memorize that and reproduce it in tests. By repeating this, people can not immerse themselves in their favorite things and can not gain learning to become free. We know that, and a lot of people also already know.

Learning makes people free. We want to update our learning so that people can be motivated by the voices in their mind, learning by getting immersed, and freeing people.