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Application has been closed.
An education institute that does not have a time table.

Students will express themselves through their research and deepen their learning.

There will be no one-way learning from the teacher to the students.

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Assessment Period

Before the official enrollment of the institute, there will be a six-months assessment period. Students’ ability, interest and passion will be looked at and only those who are serious about researching at Manai will be able to enroll.

Procedure until enrollment

“Senpai” system

Every student will be assigned an outside Mentor (“Senpai”). The “Senpai” will not only support financially, but also with career prospects and learning as a whole.

“Senpai” system

The entire world is the campus

Students will not only research at the Manai Base, but will also be able to research at affiliated institutes, universities, companies depending on the contents of the research.

Manai Tokyo Base

Application Requirements

September, 2019
Manai Tokyo Base @ Ichigaya (And a camp site in the suburbs of Kanto)
  • Those who are at least in the third year of middle school or first year of high school in Japan as of September 2019 (Please contact us for those outside of these grades)
  • Ability to commute to the Manai Tokyo Base at Ichigaya
  • Ability to communicate in English
  • Passion to express themselves through science
“Senpai” system will support financially.
  • Currently enrolled in other middle and high school students can also participate using the time after school and weekends.

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Procedure to the official enrollment

About the assessment period

During the assessment period students will be registered to Manai as a candidate. After the six-months assessment period, selected students will be officially enrolled. During the assessment period, the candidates will be able to conduct their own research under the leadership of the Manai Mentors. During this period, students who are currently enrolled in other middle or high schools will use their time after school and weekends to conduct their research projects.
Manai believes that it is extremely difficult to understand the students’ true potential with the current entrance examination system. (Students themselves cannot fully demonstrate in such short period.)
In six-months, through close communication with the students, we can understand the students interest and direction of research (as well as their strength and weakness).

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