Human beings have paid a lot of sacrifices in order to feel free. Through the tireless efforts of our ancestors, we are now able to have a lot of environments where we are free from oppression, feudal systems, doctrines and traditions.
But now, if you look around, there are many people who are unconsciously oppressed by morality, collective promises, moods, pressure and restricted behavior. It seems that freedom today comes with the price tag of a restrained heart.

Free from hunger and diseases. The freedom to choose a profession and the freedom to vote. We not only need to be conscious of our physical, social, political and financial freedom, but also go beyond our preconceived notion of freedom as we further develop.
We need to remove the many barriers that exist unconsciously, to reach our true potential and express them fully to the world.

“To become free,” should be every single human’s end goal.


Students need not to be fed information and knowledge, but instead, need an environment where they themselves can grow and learn while realizing that they too, can change the world.

Students will mainly work on their own research project that they will select on their own. We will have a new education approach and school system where individually created timetables are respected, all the while encouraging interactions with the greater world and diverse society by gaining knowledge and learning from affiliated.


To create a world where people can immerse in what they are passionate about and be respected.

Students start their search through the trial and errors of looking for a research theme. We will nurture students, who can immerse themselves on what kind of impact they would like to have on the world, relate that to their research, come up with a hypothesis and conduct research while incorporating experts’ opinion.


Opportunity to Challenge

In the process of reaching the “ultimate freedom,” people will become capable of facing bigger challenges. Challenges help people grow and that eventually leads to a broader sense of freedom. At ISSJ, we will provide a safe environment to face these challenges.


There are strong bonds between humans. Through respecting diversity, students can naturally recognize and understand the existence of various worlds and ways of thinking. We would like to provide an environment that would help find new possibilities.

Accessibility to Knowledge

By securing access to adequate knowledge not only fosters growth and freedom as a person, but also has a great power as a tool, to express ourselves to the world. An environment with rich and highquality knowledge, is an essential element in order to create an environment that is free and liberating.

Prospective Graduates

Create a path where none existed

People who can build new values with their own thoughts and judgments without being held by existing values, and those who can act according to their values with courage.

See value in the differences

People who recognize that there is a possibility of creating something new through respecting the differences without trying to homogenize.

Science as a tool

Science has the ability to shape our dreams into reality. It is the engine of innovation. Through the development in science, humans are able to materialize our hopes and dreams.
Designing our future and making it a reality. Science is the most powerful tool for just that. Science is a language in itself that transcends time and place. Science will be used as a tool to materialize reality and resolve issues. At the International School of Science, we would like to help build these talented people and send them off to the world.

Our aim is to increase people that are actively involved in science, who can apply and send that message out to the world. We believe that, that will increase the chance of having a society where our hopes and dreams materialize.