Manai’s management policy for the future


(In response to the outbreak of an ongoing new coronavirus)

Manai’s management policy for the future

Through the outbreak of a novel coronavirus (also known as “COVID-19”) in 2020, Manai reassured the importance of an environment where students can immerse themselves into their own interests while learning about what they want and need. Therefore we promise to keep fulfilling those needs of passionate students while emphasizing that nothing is more important than the safety of the students.

Manai will continue to improve the environment for each individual student to conduct better research, adjusting to their schedules. Specifically, Manai plans to strengthen an online mentoring system and expand online workshops. Additionally, Manai will build a system where the students can conduct their research without changing locations, by borrowing small-scale experimental laboratories from various research institutions and locating them dispersedly.

These measures enable the students to safely conduct their research activities, regardless of natural disasters or epidemics of infectious diseases. Moreover, the students of Manai can minimize the physical constraints, such as place of residence or commuting to conduct their research.

The pandemic of COVID-19 will have a great impact on human beings, which may significantly change our ways of thinking or ways of life. In this ever-changing world, Manai will deal with the circumstances head-on and continue to be an “innovative futuristic educational and research institute,” which will not be bound by any conventional common sense, custom or ways of thinking and demonstrate that change is good.


Ryuichi Nomura
Manai Institute of Science & Technology     Representative