Public workshop Vol.5 on March 14th for junior high and high school students

Viruses: The Beauty of the Beasts

Date:  March 14th (Sat) 2:30pm-4:30pm

Venue: Manai Tokyo Base @Ichigaya[Google MAP]

Target ages: 12 – 17 years old (Grade 7 – 12)

Participation fee:  ¥3,000-


*Please register your participation through the URL above.


It is hard to find anyone who would not be familiar with the word “viruses” our days. The list of diseases this word associated with is pretty long: HIV, herpes, hepatitis, Ebola, influenza, COVID-19 etc., to mention only a few. And it is even harder to find a person who would appreciate and acknowledge the diversity and intricate complexity of these God’s creatures, their life cycles and amazing abilities as perfect killer machines. Nature is neither good or bad, everything is for a reason, we just need to find it, leaving behind our selfish inclination to see this world through the lens of our own endless benefit and insatiety. Viruses are mobile genetic elements, unable to reproduce on its own and depending on their hosts, who is eventually got killed by them, deserving to be named parasites. As gatekeepers between the living and non-living (~machine) worlds they should be studied and understood, to keep their behavior under control and harmony with their hosts. To prevent the outbreak of the viruses-borne diseases is the primary goal of Virology, a fascinating field of Microbiology studying the beauty of these beasts.


Pavel Prosselkov / Research Mentor

Lecturer at Saitama Medical University. PhD in Veterinary Medicine at the University of TokyoCandSci. in Biochemistry.

MS in Biology and Biology TeachingInterested in brain, behavior, and evolution.

At Tokyo University as a PhD candidate in Veterinary Medicine, Pavel worked on the evolution of IQ-affecting genes.