Public workshop Vol.4 on January 25th for junior high and high school students

Introduction to Artificial Inteligence

Date:  January 25th (Sat) 2:30pm-4:30pm

Venue: Manai Tokyo Base @Ichigaya[Google MAP]

Target ages: 12 – 17 years old (Grade 7 – 12)

Participation fee: Free


*Please register your participation through the URL above.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the theory and implementation of computer programs capable of solving problems which normally require human intelligence. Such problems include visual or speech recognition, decision making, prediction of events from datasets, translation between languages, recommendation systems, and so on.In this workshop we are going to take a deeper look into what AI looks like, what are its applications and its limitations (if any). We will use Python libraries to write a simple AI program, if you wish to follow along, please bring your laptop.

Cristina Valle Research Mentor / Experiment Designer
University lecturer; mathematics consultant for an IT company Ph.D. in Mathematics and Information Science from Tokyo Metropolitan University M.S. in Mathematics from University of Turin For my Ph.D. I specialized in Algebraic Geometry, with a focus on plane curve singularities.