Launching of Manai Lab

A completely new form of science classroom/science club outside the school
We will set up the Manai Lab in Nakano of Tokyo, Japan. It is a place where students can immerse in their own research whether it is to start one or to continue one, while receiving guidance from Manai mentors and meet other colleagues. Joining the Manai Lab is free! Up until now, in order for junior high and high school students to do science projects they had to belong to a science department and/or science club at schools or institutes. Which is why we are creating an environment where we go beyond the boundaries of schools, beyond the limits of equipment used – where students can devote themselves into their interest.

*Manai Lab participation age: 10 to 17 years old

Calling those who want to research and immerse themselves

How to join the Manai Lab

Members registration (free) is necessary to conduct research at the Manai Lab

We have filled up all the available slots for now.
If/when we reopen the application, we will announce it through our website.

1.Fill in application form

Once the application form is filled out, Manai staff will contact you. Then you will coordinate and adjust the schedule for a first consultation with a mentor. If you are interested in getting information first, please apply for an individual/small group briefing. Please also consult the date and time for this with the staff when we contact you.

2.Meeting with the Manai Mentor at the Lab(Nakano, Tokyo)

We will decide the research direction and timeline. If you do not have a specific research to start immediately, you will have time to experiment in the laboratory and participate in seminars and workshops to explore research themes.

Note: As a result of the consultation, we may decline a participation in the Manai Lab.

3.Begin science project

We invite a wide range of research, as long as the method of science is considered. From things that systematically unravel, the wonders around us to the things that challenge full-scale experimentation and analysis – we invite students to devote themselves to the subjects of their own interest under the guidance of the Manai mentors.

About the research themes

We invite a wide range of research, as long as the method of science is considered. From things that systematically unravel, the wonders around us to the things that challenge full-scale experimentation and analysis – we invite students to devote themselves to the subjects of their own interest under the guidance of the Manai mentors.

ー Examples of procedure ー

1. Deciding on the theme
Conduct regular interviews with the Manai mentor to determine the theme of the project. We will select themes not only in the interests inside the field of science, but also through discussions including wide range of interests and thoughts. Also, you will receive hints that may lead to a research by doing basic experiments at the Lab until you decide on a theme. Participating in Manai’s workshop events and seminars, conducting research with books and online, chatting with Mentors and others are also highly encouraged. There is no need to rush to decide the theme. Please value the time to explore and expand your curiosity.
2. Once the theme is decided
You will decide where to publish your research and discuss with mentors the schedule and purpose, including whether to publish in the first place. Generally speaking, the research will be done at your own or team’s pace. Much of the research can not be completed in Manai Lab alone. We will request cooperation from outside universities and research institutes according to the progress of research. Please actively extend your research by participating in seminars and workshops outside as well, while the research is in progress.
3. When the research is complete
Consult with your mentor whether to start a new research of to continue your previous research.


I have never done research, can I still participate?
Please do participate even if you do not have any experience. Learning by doing is very much possible. The most important thing is, passion for research and accumulation of small successes.
I want to join as a group.
You can participate as a group. Please make an application separately and indicate that it is group application. In addition, you can always find groups in Manai seminars held at Manai Lab, workshops held occasionally, and events. Furthermore, students may be matched according to the advice of the Manai mentor and different groups may be formed.
How does the mentoring work?
Mentors will advise students and arrange research environments. All methods of mentoring vary depending on the student and their research.
Can you only do experiments with the equipment installed in the Lab?
We will actively utilize the equipment of external research institutions. In addition, we may purchase new necessary equipment at Manai after receiving application from the projects.
What should be the goal to run a research project?
You can aim to participate in domestic and foreign science contests or present at Manai’s Seasonal Programs. Please also discuss with the Mentors to see what you can aim for.
Can I register outside of the “Possible Registration Hours”?
You can register for after school, as well as holidays and daytime. Please contact us via the application form.
Is it mandatory to participate in the seminars?
No, it is not mandatory.
How often can you receive mentoring?
We will set up mentoring opportunities as requested. It does not mean that you have to come to the Manai Lab every time, because we can also correspond via online meetings as well.
In addition to participating in research, workshops and seminars, what can you do at the Manai Lab?
Please use this as a casual place to drop-by. We aim for it to become a place of exchange for students with the same interest in science.
Can students under 10 years of age also participate?
Students who already have experience in research projects may be allowed to participate, so please contact us directly.
I belong to a liberal arts course at school, can I still participate?
We accept students regardless of their affiliation at schools.
Can I research the theme that is not in the Mentors’ field?
Yes you can. We value the independence of students. Mentors will give advice, as they learn together.

Manai Mentors

Yoshi (Yoshifumi Komasa)

Yoshifumi graduated from Keio University majoring in Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics. He also works with students at NPO Showa Gakuen. Founded Sky Sea International Academy in Ghana. Changing the world from Japan, “Move for One”.
  • 量子コンピュータ用半導体材料としてのシリコン同位体を用いたバルク単結晶の作成(2003) Creating a bulk mono-crystal using silicon isotope as semiconductor material for quantum computing
  • 三次元動的モデリングにおける単振り子(2004) Three dimensional dynamic modeling of single pendulum
  • Linux on Mainframeによる大型システムの災害対策設計構築およびパフォーマンス(2008) Disaster planning, building, and performance of large scale system using linux on mainframe

Gaku Nagashima

B.S. in Physics from SUNY Stony Brook. M.S. in Applied Physics from Harvard University While researching at Harvard University as a PhD candidate in Applied Physics, Gaku began practicing meditation and yoga, and got into scientific investigations of spiritual practices.
  • G. Nagashima, E.V. Levine, D.P. Hoogerheide, M.M. Burns, and J.A. Golovchenko. 2014. “Superheating and homogeneous single bubble nucleation in a solid-state nanopore.” Physical Review Letters, 113, Pp. 024506.

… Other mentors information will be updated soon.


20-11Nakano 3-chome Nakano-ku, Tokyo, Japan 〒164-0001 [ Google MAP ]

Possible Registration Hours

※Please ask for other available hours

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