A program focused on Research Projects

We don not provide simple knowledge acquisitions. Students will study and learn how to apply the knowledge they have acquired through their research.

A six-month assessment period

After applying, students will proceed to our assessment period from September 2019 to February 2020. Students will be assessed based on their passion and potential towards science. The maximum number of students to enter this period will be 30 students.

Support from our off-campus mentors (Senpai)

Students who have passed the assessment period will be assigned with our off-campus mentors (Senpai). Students will be able to discuss their future careers and receive academic support as well as a financial support equivalent to our tuition fees.


Not only in Tokyo, Ichigaya but students will have access to our partnering universities, research institutions and facilities.


  • Enrolled in grade 9 or 10 as of September 2019. (Please contact us for students outside of the age requirement)
  • You are able to commute to the Manai Base in Ichigaya, Tokyo
  • You are capable of communicating in English

Details of application will be released on February 1st of 2019.
Enter email for more information coming to you soon.