ISSJ Learning Method

At ISSJ, students never sit down in chairs or at their desk and simply listen to lectures.

ISSJ students don’t have common standardized class-timetables but rather individualized schedules tailored specifically for each of them. They focus their work mainly on their self-chosen research project. Along with their research project, students attend workshops fit accordingly to their interests and perspectives of future career. There are no mandatory lectures or workshops just for the purpose of graduation.

01Research Project based learning

Students’ main focus is their research project. While discussing with experienced ISSJ mentors, students choose their research theme and work with external research institutes accordingly. Students’ research project is the core of the ISSJ learning method.

02Hypothesis based Workshops

Workshop are what we call lectures or classes in other schools, but a big difference is that there are no one-way teaching or mandatory lectures. Students choose workshops out of various fields that may or may not related to their research projects. There are not only science workshops but other workshops such as painting, history, ethics, philosophy, and presentation skills that should be studied by future scientists in the twenty- first century. These workshops will give student’s research project more depth and a wider prospect either directly or indirectly. ISSJ workshops start with the creation of a hypothesis. During the workshop, students are asked to reevaluate and examine their hypothesis.

03Learning Anywhere/Anytime

Many of ISSJ workshops are delivered through an online system. We believe that students never need to gather at one place to sit down and listen to teachers’ explanations. Workshops are provided online and accessible to students from anywhere at any time.

04Presentation Anywhere/Anytime

Here the main focus is on presentation and articulation. Presenting and articulating their research project encourages the involvement of others which in turn broadens the students’ horizons. The students will learn how to structure and deliver presentations and give a movie presentation summarizing the contents of all their subject reports.