Process until enrollment


Application period February 1st – August 19th

Applications will only be accepted online. Please apply through the indicated application form. Unless there are excessive amount of applications, everyone will take part in the assessment process. For detailed matters of participation in the student assessment process, we will inform the applicant separately.


Assessment Period Starts September

The student assessment period begins in September, and students advance research along Manai’s curriculum for six-months. During the period, students are not only evaluated based on achievements and end-products, but also are evaluated and selected by passion for science.


Enrolled students confirmed end of February

All the assessment will finish and students who officially enroll Manai will be decided. “Senpai” will be confirmed to support you as soon as you enter Manai. Regarding the admission procedure details, we will inform the students who have passed individually.


Enrollment April

Entering Manai as a first batch student, students will start their research of about two and a half year from April under the support of Mentor and Senpai.

Application requirements

  • As of September, you are enrolled in the 3rd year of junior high school or first year of high school (Please consult individually for students other than the ages listed.)
  • Able to commute to Manai Base in Ichigaya, Tokyo
  • Can communicate in English
  • Passion to express themselves through science
  • Current junior high/high school students can also join the selection process using their afterschool periods and weekends.