Features of Manai

Research-centered student life

Students will focus on their own research.

While using research as a pillar of studies, students will also do experiment programs and workshops.
Students will not have one set timetable. Each individual will build their own schedule. In their research, students will set the themes by themselves, conduct experiments in collaboration with the Manai Mentor and other external mentors, repeat hypothesis verification, create report/article and present. Manai will not have one-way lectures. We believe that students gain maximum learning through interests, immersion and interaction with Mentors.

Collaboration with external research institutes and researchers

Manai does not ‘lock’ their students into a box called school.

Learning at Manai does not just happen inside Manai’s facilities. Students will visit universities and research institutes that partners and collaborates with Manai according to their own research, and develop research by obtaining mentoring from researchers working at the forefront. Manai’s students, Manai Mentors, researchers cooperating and collaborating – the whole network together, makes Manai.


The most important value at Manai is to affirm the difference from others.

To acknowledge the differences can be the biggest factor in research, and in cooperation with others in research and important in the process of creating new things. A diverse group that goes beyond nationality, gender, age and background with different ideas can help students grow to their potential and expand their horizon.