Frequently Asked Questions

Target age

Until how old are you eligible to apply?
Those who enrolled in a junior high school third grader as of September 1, 2019, or enrolled in a curriculum equivalent to that, or graduated from those schools by September 1, 2019, or graduated applicants who have advanced to the post secondary school, or who are older, can apply at any age.


Will all the lectures be in English?
The common language is English. The condition is to be able to attend workshops and communicate with Mentors in English.
How much English skill is required?
We do not establish certain criteria by external examination, but since research is often done in groups, everyone will need to communicate in English with group mates. It is also necessary to have a level of English ability to participate in English workshops and to read scientific papers and reports in English.


How much is the tuition?
Manai has a “Senpai” system, so there is no concept of ​​tuition. After making an official admission decision, we will ask for donation for operating costs, but it is not mandatory. Also, since the donation request is after formal enrollment, the presence or absence of the contribution and the amount will not affect the selection.

Assessment period

Are there no entrance exams?
Although there is no general examination, there is a assessment period of six-months. For the six-months, students enrolled to other junior and senior high schools participate in the Manai curriculum using afterschool and on Saturdays and Sundays. Students who do not belong to other schools will also participate in Manai’s curriculum by using during weekdays. Formal students will be selected from the state of the research process and research results during the assessment period.
What are the selection criterias?
We will select based on the state of the research activities for the six-months and the research results presentations. It is a comprehensive judgment in view of the research outcome itself, the ability to take advantage of the differences from other people, the ability to involve others, the ability to advance even in adversity and during research activities.
I have never done research. Can you learn from the research method during the assessment period?
Applicants who are new to research can also apply. Also, during the course of the assessment process you will learn a lot about the relevant areas, not just research methods. In the assessment period, the completeness of the research is part of the selection criteria, and emphasis is also placed on attitudes and approaches when conducting research. By doing this, we will confirm the fundamental basics on whether students can conduct research in Manai later.
Can you choose your own research contents?
Yes. You students will choose after consulting with the mentor about their interests, approaches to the issues that need solutions as well as group discussions.
Can I participate in the assessment period while attending other schools?
Yes. Students belonging to other junior and senior high schools participate in the Manai curriculum using after school and on Saturdays and Sundays.
What happens if I do not get selected?
Since you will not be officially enrolled in Manai, you can not continue taking the subsequent curriculum.


What kind of person will be my Mentor? Is it possible to change if I do not get along with my Mentor?
Mentor matches based on the academic field etc. where students are interested. In addition, we may find and match external mentors. Generally, you cannot switch, but we will consider by special consultation if special circumstances occur.
What can I ask my Mentor?
Mentor will give every advice in advancing research. From verification/consideration of research, selection of related workshops, introduction of online courses for supplementing knowledge which is missing in report in experiment program, etc. will be widely supported. Mentors may also assist you in investigating external partners and creating relationships.
Can you also ask about college or finding employment?
Mentors will consult about the course to be followed and the introduction to the laboratory according to interests and research content. You can consult broadly including worries and troubles with your Mentor.


Are there classes like general schools?
There are no classes where the teacher gathers students in one place in the same place and teaches students one way. We will set up a wide range of workshops related to each research that will become the main axis and contents that the students are interested in. A system is also in the works so that students can set up workshops.
Are there extra-curricular activities?
Yes. We will prepare a lot of extracurricular activities including observation and practical training. Moreover, we plan to gradually incorporate the extracurricular activities that were invented by students.
Will there be physical education or music class?
We plan to offer them as a selective workshop.
Where will the research take place?
Generally, it will be conducted at the Manai BASE in Ichigaya, Tokyo, but depending on the research content, we will conduct intensive research at partner research institutes and suburban camps.

“Senpai” System

Is there a chance that I will not receive support from my “Senpai”?
Generally, support will not be unavailable, but if they decide that student activities are not very appropriate, it may be out of the subject of “Senpai.”
Can I meet my “Senpai”?
Yes. “Senpai” will have contact with students according to their own methods. As an answer to everyday problems and doubts with e-mails and chat tools, or physically together with research and learning, or doing internships in actual laboratories and companies, various other opportunities for interaction are to be planned.
What can I ask my Senpai?
The role of “Senpai” is to provide exchange and support for students, financial support for learning, and provision of networks. As a senior in life, you can consult about your career etc. as well.

After graduation

When will I graduate?
Since it will be a curriculum for 3 years from the start of the assessment period, students who participate in Selection in September 2019 and formally entering April 2020 will be completed at the end of July 2022.
Is it possible to get support for acquisition of high school graduation degree certification exam (former university entrance qualification examination)?
We will not take exam preparation measures in Manai, but respond to requests and consultations such as related information provision and schedule adjustment at any time. Staff will provide support so that time efficiency can be maximized so that students’ research will be the center.

Commuting to school

Can I enroll from a rural area?
For September 2019 students, we are basically targeting those who reside within the school range. In the future, we plan to develop living facilities that can accept local and overseas students.
Can I attend another partner institution?
Participating organizations other than Manai BASE in Tokyo · Ichigaya will be used not only for regular use, but also for intensive research efforts and training camps. Therefore, as a basic school destination, it will be Manai BASE in Tokyo / Ichigaya.