A Briefing Session / the 2nd of March

Announcement:A Briefing Session will be held on the 2nd of March, Saturday at 1:30PM


We would like to inform you that we will have a briefing session for potential students to enroll our science-oriented international school (Manai Institute of Science and Technology: hereinafter called Manai), which will be starting in September, 2019.

Our primary goal in our institute is to provide an environment where students can motivate themselves and become independent, rather than following what teachers say. We will provide opportunities for students to think that we can change the world. To pursue our goal, we have made a huge effort to provide a new way of teaching in our school.
You must wonder how you can do that without entrance exams or classes. Campus is everywhere in the world? What do you mean?

Well, we have information in details to give you at the session. We would like to meet you in person to tell you how passionate and excited we are about our school. Also, our mentors will provide counselling here. Please stop by here with your friends and families. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon!



March the 2nd, Saturday at 1:30 – 3PM (Registration starts at 1:15PM)
The schedule is divided into two parts. The first part is briefing session about 50 min, and the latter part is open-discussion and counseling for individuals.


Ritsumeikan University, Tokyo campus
The 8th floor, Sapia tower
1 Chome- 7-12 Marunouchi,
Chiyoda, Tokyo

[Google MAP]

Representative; Ryuichi Nomura from Manai
Manai Chief Mentor/ Curriculum Developer; Yoshifumi Komasa
Concept Director/ Mentor; Gaku Nagashima

Capacity of 60


Greeting from Representive Mr. Nomura
Overview of Manai Institute of Science and Technology
Counseling and workshop with Manai Mentors

We expect students to focus on their research all the times. Students take laboratory works and workshops in order to accomplish their research projects. Students do not need to follow the common class schedule. Each student arranges its own class schedule. Students choose their own theme of their research projects with discussion of the mentors and external ones. Students then conduct experiments, evaluate their hypotheses, prepare reports and thesis, and eventually present their research projects. There is no One- Way Teaching philosophy in our institute. We believe that it is critical for students to get motivated and devoted to work by themselves. Mentors are here for them to encourage and support their academic performance.

Students are allowed to work outside of campus. We encourage students to utilize other external resources. Students will visit our collaborator’s research institutes in Universities. Students will have opportunities to interact with researchers at cutting edge technologies, which will allow them to more effectively progress their research projects. Students collaborate and interact with mentors as well as researchers on our external institutes throughout their research projects. This is how our institute, Manai, works!

We greatly value the fact that everyone is different. Accepting others is the most important factor to create new things in research as well as other situations. We are proud of that we provide diversity that students can interact with others with different nationality, background, gender and age. We believe that “this mixed-up condition” will also help students to enhance their skills and abilities.


WORKSHOP “Learn Physics Through SF Movies”

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” (cooper)

The film interstellar which sees Mathew McConaughey traveling through space jumping into black holes leading to five dimensional worlds on a journey to save the human race.

Assistant professor Shiro Yamazaki is an assistant professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology with his research focus being physics. Assistant professor Shiro has graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Doctor in Physics.

His love and passion for science is like no one else, as well as his interest in teaching the beauty and excitement of science.

One of the most eye-catching workshops he holds is “learning the theory of relativity through the movie Interstellar”

Assistant professor Shiro is well known to be one of the many people inspired by the movie Interstellar, but his love towards the film is far stronger than many of the “fans” I have seen. 

I think it’s much easier to imagine his love towards the film Interstellar when you’ve heard that he traveled almost 5,000 miles (7,800km) to Sydney, just to see the movie Interstellar in an IMAX theater and came back to Tokyo on the same day.

The workshop caught the attention of many people because of how Assistant professor Shiro clarifies and explains many of the difficult theories most of us, including myself couldn’t understand throughout the film.

To be honest I think many of us who have watched the film had a whole list of questions and Googled it during the film or asked one of our smart friends. Still didn’t make much sense for me.

This workshop is attracting attention because of how Assistant professor Shiro answers many of the major questions we all have.

(Spoiler Alert!!)

Yes it’s pretty obvious that the message the film is trying to send is that “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space”.

Christopher Nolan used the theory of relativity to illustrate the power of love.

But I think the question of why and how most of us have is more like,

“what is a black hole? How is it different from a worm hole? Wait, what’s a worm hole?”

“What does it mean that traveling through a worm hole takes you to a different galaxy in a different dimensional world?”

“why does an hour in a different galaxy become more than 25 years in ours?”

Assistant professor Shiro will describe these difficult topics we couldn’t understand when Google taught us by applying theories of physics and relativity.

Now I think most of you are thinking, How can I participate in this workshop!?

For the lucky students that have successfully been accepted to the ISSJ 2018 Spring Program in Okinawa Assistant professor Shiro will kindly be holding this workshop for us.

I personally strongly suggest that if your attending to this workshop with ISSJ or without, you watch the film Interstellar and come to the workshop full of question.

To be honest I think most of the Interstellar workshop won’t make any sense if you haven’t watched the film.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and definitely watch the film!

If you’re not attending to our Spring Program watch the film anyway because it’s simply a phenomenal film. Professor Shiro also holds public workshop for people that are interested so be sure to check his Facebook.


Assistant professor Shiro Yamazaki

Assistant professor Shiro has graduated the University of Tokyo with a Doctor in Physics. He has a rich career through working with the Institute for Solid State Physics of the University of Tokyo, University of Hamburg and as a research professor at the University of Osaka is truly worth mentioning.

[Press Release]Invitation to the “ISSJ 2018 SPRING PROGRAM” Open Lecture and Student Presentations

For Media and/or Education Personnel 

Invitation to the “ISSJ 2018 SPRING PROGRAM”Open Lecture and Student Presentations

15 Students from all over the world, will present an intervention for a societal issue through science

 International School of Science Founding Project/ISSJ (Representative, Ryuichi Nomura) believes that science is a universal language that can be used as a driving force to create innovation and therefore encourages young talented people to conduct research around the world to come up with technology and concepts that can further develop the world. By 2020, ISSJ plans to establish an international high school in Japan that will produce individuals that are not only active researchers themselves, but those who can successfully contribute to the world through research.

“ISSJ 2018 SPRING PROGRAM” will offer the first spring program this year from past 3 years summer program held. 15 very talented students, from around the world who are carefully selected from over 100 applicants. The OIST Graduate University shall conduct internationally outstanding education and research in science and technology and promote and sustain the advancement of science and technology in Japan and throughout the world. They will conduct project learning with student research. Applicants through group work, produce an experiment plan that will use science to intervene a social issue, which will then be presented.

On April 9th the final day, the 15 students will present their experimental scientific intervention for an assigned futuristic issue. The final presentations will be open to the public. We extend an invitation to any and all media personnel and look forward to welcoming everyone there

 “ISSJ 2018 SPRING PROGRAM” Student Presentations and Award Ceremony

Time and Date:Monday, April 9th, 2018
Student Presentations 1:00pm〜3:00pm
Award Ceremony 3:00pm~3:30pm
Location:Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University B250
(Address: 1919-1 Tancha, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa, Japan 904-0495)
Program:Greetings from the Organizer, Student Presentations, Award Ceremony

※Please register in advance for interviews via email and/or telephone before March 31st.

※ISSJ will accept any interviews outside of the final day as well. Please contact us for further information.

― Contact Information ―

International School of Science Founding Project Contact person: Kinugawa (Mr.)
e-mail: kinugawa@manai.me

■ Access: https://www.oist.jp/access-map

■ Google map: https://goo.gl/4kHpLa

Deadline to come before holidays

The first round of the application deadline for 2018 SPRING PROGRAM

is coming in 4 days(December 10th, 2017 at 23:59 in JST).

You can submit your application form from the link(here).

In this program, you will learn key elements which will help you to succeed as innovative scientists in the future, also it will be a great opportunity for you to experience diversity and to develop your personality.

If you are still hesitating to apply, please let us know what you are concerned about. (contact us at apply@manai.me)

We are waiting for your application!

What if your school schedule conflicts with ISSJ program?

(日本語は下に  Japanese follows below )

ISSJ will issue the certificate for students who completed their attendance to the program.

Also, additional activity reports will be issued upon request. These documents will help to report their activities in the program to their schools when they were not able to attend their school’s classes during the program.

  • Example of contents on the activity report
    Schedule of the program, hours of the activities, details of the research theme, the presentation materials, evaluation from ISSJ mentors includes achievement on the science knowledge, participation, and contribution to the group activities
  • Past example on submitting the activity report
    Participant’s school acknowledged their participation in ISSJ program into credit as they submitted the certificate and the activity report mentioned the hours of the program

Please let us know in advance if any further requirement from your school to issue the activity report for your participation.


・ISSJメンターからの評価 (知識の理解・参加積極性・グループへの貢献度)コメントなど




ISSJ 2018 Spring Program / Application now Open

We are happy to announce that the application for the 2018 Spring Program is now open worldwide! If you, or someone you know would love to explore and globalize their knowledge in science, we ask you to encourage them to apply to our program! The 10-day program consists of workshops, presentations, research, and group projects covering many areas of science led by professors and researchers from Japan’s top universities.

<2018 Spring Program>
Application Deadline: January 10, 2018
Date: April 2-9, 2018
Venue: Okinawa Institution of Technology (OIST)
Eligibility: Age 15 to 17 / Grade 9 to 11
Participation Fee: 200,000 JPY (Tuition, accommodation, meals and insurance during the program. Transportation fee such as air ticket is excluded.)
For more detail & Application: https://manai.me/2018-spring-program

Scholarships are available to students who we believe will be able to contribute greatly to our program and vision. Airfare will not be covered by the scholarship, however our staff will be more than happy to assist in the booking process. The application details and other information about our program can be found on our website: https://manai.me

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us pr@manai.me.

We look forward to hearing from you!

↓2017 Summer School movie:

Closing the application/募集締め切り間近!

We are closing the application to ISSJ Summer School this year in five days(30th Jun.).

In this year, the participants will come from all over the world; such as Vietnam, Philippine, U.S.A, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongol, Ukraine, and Japan etc..

This summer school will be a great opportunity for you to see the light for your future dream, to experience diversity and to develop your personality.

If you have not decided to apply for our summer school yet, please grab the last chance. (submit from here)

ISSJ Summer School 2017の募集は、あと5日(6月30日)をもって締切となります。




Introduce our youtube channel/youtubeチャンネルのご紹介

Hi, I’m Ayako, an ISSJ intern.
Today, I would like to introduce ISSJ official youtube channel.

Please visit the channel from the link below and you can watch “Student’s Voice” by the participants last year.


1. The introduction of ISSJ
  You can see what is our mission, what we aim at.


2. Student's voice
  “ It was a great opportunity to reflect me.” “ The final presentation was most memorable for me because it helped me to improve my team building skill.”
 “ We had an awesome experience.” “ We got to do a lot of group working experiences and we all had a  chance to be a leader.”


 “ISSJ made me develop my personality.” “ I made friends from different cultures and with different native  languages. They are very good friends I can talk to outside of the classroom and even outside of ISSJ.”

How were those videos?
We’ll upload more videos so please don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel.

Lastly, we have a good news today.
Some of the students in the video will join the summer school 2017 as the intern (voluntarily).
This wonderful movement is just happening from our former students to the new students.






  Point          「自分自身を捉え直すとてもよい機会になった」 「ファイナルプレゼンテーションが一番良い思い出。 チームビルディングの力を伸ばす機会にもなった。」
 Point 「最高の経験だった」 「多くのグループワークを通して、みんなリーダーになるチャンスがある」
 Point 「ISSJは人としても成長させてくれた!」 「異なる文化や母語の違う友人をつくることができた。 サマースクール以降も様々なことを話し合えるとても良い友達です。」




Lecturer introduction vol.2/講師紹介②

Hi! It’s Ayako, an ISSJ intern.

Today I’m going to tell you about the lecturers part2.

Fist of all, how do you think about the water scarcity which is the real issue in some countries right now or will happen in other countries near future?

ISSJ summer school will welcome two scientists from Hotaru Inc. and offer you a lecture to suggest the effective solutions towards the water shortage.

Hotaru Inc. has a philosophy “Water Makes Us Free”. Based on it, they invented portable water purification system which makes it possible to take fifty times of showers with twenty liters of water.

Here are the lecturers below,

Name: Manabu Nishio

Name: Ryo Yamada

The title of the lecture is

“Toilet-to-tap?~Water Reuse for a Water Scarce World“.

Why don’t you think about how to solve the shortage of water supply with the latest technologies together?

*The class schedule is subject to change.









名前:西尾 学 氏

名前:山田 諒 氏


Toilet-to-tap?~Water Reuse for a Water Scarce World~』


Venue vol.2 Tokyo University of Science Seminar House / 開催場所② 東京理科大学セミナーハウス


Hello, it’s Yumeno, an intern from ISSJ.
I’ll introduce you all about the venue that we are going to use in the last half of ISSJ Summer School this year; Tokyo University of Science Seminar House.

This facility is for further improvement both on studies and humanity by study, rest, and stay together.


People use this for orientations, graduation thesis, conference presentations, workshops, lectures, etc.



In addition, it is usually only for the people relevant to Tokyo University of Science, so it will be a valuable experience for participants to stay 5days here.
Here is the link to its website but only in Japanese.
Thank you for reading our blog as always, and the next topic is “Introduction of Our Teachers vol.2”.

See you soon.




今回のトピックは『開催場所② 東京理科大学セミナーハウス』です!











See you soon!



申し込みフォーム/Application: https://goo.gl/t8pz0f
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/international.school.of.science
Twitter: https://twitter.com/issj_jpn
2017年度サマースクールパンフレット/Summer School 2017 Brochuer:
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