Deadline to come before holidays

The first round of the application deadline for 2018 SPRING PROGRAM

is coming in 4 days(December 10th, 2017 at 23:59 in JST).

You can submit your application form from the link(here).

In this program, you will learn key elements which will help you to succeed as innovative scientists in the future, also it will be a great opportunity for you to experience diversity and to develop your personality.

If you are still hesitating to apply, please let us know what you are concerned about. (contact us at

We are waiting for your application!

What if your school schedule conflicts with ISSJ program?

(日本語は下に  Japanese follows below )

ISSJ will issue the certificate for students who completed their attendance to the program.

Also, additional activity reports will be issued upon request. These documents will help to report their activities in the program to their schools when they were not able to attend their school’s classes during the program.

  • Example of contents on the activity report
    Schedule of the program, hours of the activities, details of the research theme, the presentation materials, evaluation from ISSJ mentors includes achievement on the science knowledge, participation, and contribution to the group activities
  • Past example on submitting the activity report
    Participant’s school acknowledged their participation in ISSJ program into credit as they submitted the certificate and the activity report mentioned the hours of the program

Please let us know in advance if any further requirement from your school to issue the activity report for your participation.


・ISSJメンターからの評価 (知識の理解・参加積極性・グループへの貢献度)コメントなど