Manai Cafe

We will have an event called the “Manai Cafe”, targeting junior high and high school students and researchers.

We believe that an interaction among people from various background beyond age and status would connect different fields and create a new research.
The Manai Cafe is an event where students, Manai staff, researchers, supporters and alumni from the past Seasonal Program can chat and exchange information freely.

With Manai Mentors, students can have an opportunity to think about questions such as “How do you walk a path as a researcher?”, “How do you do a research while you are in junior high or high school?” or “How do you choose a college?” They can also have a chance to hear about real opinions of researchers, such as difficulty of cutting-edge studies, its joy and the real thrill.

In addition, we will have a presentation about the “Manai Institute of Science and Technology,” which is an international school focusing on science that will open in September 2019. We will address concepts such as “no examination,” “no tuition fee” or “Campuses are all over the world?” in a casual atmosphere with the philosophy of Manai.

We are planning to have these Manai Cafe events periodically in the future.


June 15th, Saturday at 3:00 – 5:30PM
Mistletoe of Tokyo
No.R B1, 2-22-42, Ohashi, Meguro-ku, Tokyo, 153-0044 [Google MAP]
5 minutes walk from Denentoshi Line Ikejiri-Ohasi station North Exit
Participation Fee
Expected Participants
Junior high, high school students and their guardians, researcher (undergraduate and graduate students are included)
*We do not accept only guardians coming alone.
Main language used will be English
Maximum Capacity
In September 2019, we will be launching a full-time high school, Manai Institute of Science and Technology.

Our primary goal for our institute is to provide an environment where students can motivate themselves and become independent – rather than following what teachers say. We will provide opportunities for students to freely immerse themselves in the things they love.

Research-centered student life

Students will focus on their own research.
While using research as a pillar of studies, students will also do experiment programs and workshops.Students will not have one set timetable. Each individual will build their own schedule. In their research, students will set the themes by themselves, conduct experiments in collaboration with the Manai Mentor and other external mentors, repeat hypothesis verification, create report/article and present. Manai will not have one-way lectures. We believe that students gain maximum learning through interests, immersion and interaction with Mentors.

Collaboration with external research institutes and researchers

Manai does not ‘lock’ their students into a box called school.
Learning at Manai does not just happen inside Manai’s facilities. Students will visit universities and research institutes that partners and collaborates with Manai according to their own research, and develop research by obtaining mentoring from researchers working at the forefront. Manai’s students, Manai Mentors, researchers cooperating and collaborating – the whole network together, makes Manai.

Please feel free to contact us if you are willing to support or join us building our new learning environment, Manai Institute of Science and Technology.

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