Deadline to come before holidays

The first round of the application deadline for 2018 SPRING PROGRAM

is coming in 4 days(December 10th, 2017 at 23:59 in JST).

You can submit your application form from the link(here).

In this program, you will learn key elements which will help you to succeed as innovative scientists in the future, also it will be a great opportunity for you to experience diversity and to develop your personality.

If you are still hesitating to apply, please let us know what you are concerned about. (contact us at

We are waiting for your application!

Closing the application/募集締め切り間近!

We are closing the application to ISSJ Summer School this year in five days(30th Jun.).

In this year, the participants will come from all over the world; such as Vietnam, Philippine, U.S.A, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongol, Ukraine, and Japan etc..

This summer school will be a great opportunity for you to see the light for your future dream, to experience diversity and to develop your personality.

If you have not decided to apply for our summer school yet, please grab the last chance. (submit from here)

ISSJ Summer School 2017の募集は、あと5日(6月30日)をもって締切となります。




Introduce our youtube channel/youtubeチャンネルのご紹介

Hi, I’m Ayako, an ISSJ intern.
Today, I would like to introduce ISSJ official youtube channel.

Please visit the channel from the link below and you can watch “Student’s Voice” by the participants last year.

1. The introduction of ISSJ
  You can see what is our mission, what we aim at.


2. Student's voice
  “ It was a great opportunity to reflect me.” “ The final presentation was most memorable for me because it helped me to improve my team building skill.”
 “ We had an awesome experience.” “ We got to do a lot of group working experiences and we all had a  chance to be a leader.”


 “ISSJ made me develop my personality.” “ I made friends from different cultures and with different native  languages. They are very good friends I can talk to outside of the classroom and even outside of ISSJ.”

How were those videos?
We’ll upload more videos so please don’t forget to subscribe to our youtube channel.

Lastly, we have a good news today.
Some of the students in the video will join the summer school 2017 as the intern (voluntarily).
This wonderful movement is just happening from our former students to the new students.





  Point          「自分自身を捉え直すとてもよい機会になった」 「ファイナルプレゼンテーションが一番良い思い出。 チームビルディングの力を伸ばす機会にもなった。」
 Point 「最高の経験だった」 「多くのグループワークを通して、みんなリーダーになるチャンスがある」
 Point 「ISSJは人としても成長させてくれた!」 「異なる文化や母語の違う友人をつくることができた。 サマースクール以降も様々なことを話し合えるとても良い友達です。」