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Science and technology are as weapons, to solve world issues and produce innovators – who can imagine a new world.

At the International School of Science (ISSJ), we provide an environment where students can freely immerse themselves in their interests and further develop their abilities and potential. Through this environment, we hope that the students can then help resolve issues in the future, through new inventions and discoveries. To create a world where hope arises from “what fun can I get into today” that lead to action, is the sole reason of starting this International School of Science Founding Project.


In August 2017, we have built on the two previous years’ preparatory work in establishing a school, by offering a 11-day residential summer school. The purpose of this summer school was to offer high school students a taste of what ISSJ can provide. A total of 28 students participated, including the 7 junior high and high school students from Japan. The students partook in lectures by prestige researchers from around the world combined with practical training. In addition to these lectures and workshops, students had group discussions every night that lasted until midnight in order to prepare for their final presentations on the last day.


Coming together under the common language of science, students discussed at length and sometimes clashed or reached a stalemate in talks. Although daunting at first, these impasses gave valuable experience to understand the process of debating an issue to find a solution, and also for the students to be able to present their thoughts, ideas, and opinions to others in a constructive and confident manner.


This helps to instill a belief that no matter how difficult or unclear a situation may seem, a way forward can always be found. In the decades to come, there are no clear paths. It is the ability to make new paths and establish new ways of thinking in science, that will be critical in such times.


We strongly believe that the students who took part in the ISSJ Summer School 2017, gained skills and experiences that will function as a catalysis in the future to create a new path.


Furthermore, we believe that being involved in ISSJ changes students’ perceptions for the better, and students have the potential to change the world for the better. Last but not least, we are very grateful for all our supports as ISSJ strives towards achieving this goal.


International School of Science Japan Founding Project
Management Representative Ryuichi Nomura


Ryuichi “Richie” Nomura


Takeshi Kinugawa

Project Leader

Yoshifumi Komasa

Curriculum Coordinator

Taizo Son

Gaku Nagashima

Motoko Hasegawa




Advisory Board

Nanako IshidoNPO CANVAS, Board Chairperson
Koji IchikiHEADLINE Inc., Repersentative / 2020 Tokyo Olympic Paralympic Bid Committee Public Relations Advisor
Tomohito Ebin Digital Hollywood University Business Breakthrough Professor / mobcast inc. Senior Board Advisor / Legend Partners Ltd., Representative Director and Chairperson
Katsumi KuwabaraAIC New Zealand Ltd., Representative / AIC Oshu Corp. Senior Director
Masahiro SatoDigital Hollywood University, Professor
Tomoyuki SugiyamaDigital Hollywood University, President
Shuichichiro TakahashiLeave a Nest Co., Ltd. COO
Takeshi TakegawaViling Holdings Pte. Representative / IMPACT Foundation Japan
Masaharu TakimuraBistro Papa Inc. Representative / Father Cooking Expert / Cabinet Office Nutrition Special Committee / Taisho University, Visiting Professor
Ikuko Newell TsuboyaIB Asia Pacific Regional Council, Member / Global Education Foundation, Board Chairperson
Kensuke Torii Kumon Institute of Education Co., Ltd., Cooperate Planning Dpt. Leader
Ichiya NakamuraGraduate School of Media Design, Keio, Professor
Tomonari NomuraKatsuiku, Representative Director
Masashi MizunagaSTARMICA Chairperson & CEO
Norio YamaguchiLCA Kokusai Gakuen President