A Briefing Session / the 2nd of March

Announcement:A Briefing Session will be held on the 2nd of March, Saturday at 1:30PM


We would like to inform you that we will have a briefing session for potential students to enroll our science-oriented international school (Manai Institute of Science and Technology: hereinafter called Manai), which will be starting in September, 2019.

Our primary goal in our institute is to provide an environment where students can motivate themselves and become independent, rather than following what teachers say. We will provide opportunities for students to think that we can change the world. To pursue our goal, we have made a huge effort to provide a new way of teaching in our school.
You must wonder how you can do that without entrance exams or classes. Campus is everywhere in the world? What do you mean?

Well, we have information in details to give you at the session. We would like to meet you in person to tell you how passionate and excited we are about our school. Also, our mentors will provide counselling here. Please stop by here with your friends and families. We are looking forward to meeting with you soon!



March the 2nd, Saturday at 1:30 – 3PM (Registration starts at 1:15PM)
The schedule is divided into two parts. The first part is briefing session about 50 min, and the latter part is open-discussion and counseling for individuals.


Ritsumeikan University, Tokyo campus
The 8th floor, Sapia tower
1 Chome- 7-12 Marunouchi,
Chiyoda, Tokyo

[Google MAP]

Representative; Ryuichi Nomura from Manai
Manai Chief Mentor/ Curriculum Developer; Yoshifumi Komasa
Concept Director/ Mentor; Gaku Nagashima

Capacity of 60


Greeting from Representive Mr. Nomura
Overview of Manai Institute of Science and Technology
Counseling and workshop with Manai Mentors

We expect students to focus on their research all the times. Students take laboratory works and workshops in order to accomplish their research projects. Students do not need to follow the common class schedule. Each student arranges its own class schedule. Students choose their own theme of their research projects with discussion of the mentors and external ones. Students then conduct experiments, evaluate their hypotheses, prepare reports and thesis, and eventually present their research projects. There is no One- Way Teaching philosophy in our institute. We believe that it is critical for students to get motivated and devoted to work by themselves. Mentors are here for them to encourage and support their academic performance.

Students are allowed to work outside of campus. We encourage students to utilize other external resources. Students will visit our collaborator’s research institutes in Universities. Students will have opportunities to interact with researchers at cutting edge technologies, which will allow them to more effectively progress their research projects. Students collaborate and interact with mentors as well as researchers on our external institutes throughout their research projects. This is how our institute, Manai, works!

We greatly value the fact that everyone is different. Accepting others is the most important factor to create new things in research as well as other situations. We are proud of that we provide diversity that students can interact with others with different nationality, background, gender and age. We believe that “this mixed-up condition” will also help students to enhance their skills and abilities.


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