WORKSHOP “Learn Physics Through SF Movies”

“We used to look up at the sky and wonder at our place in the stars, now we just look down and worry about our place in the dirt.” (cooper)

The film interstellar which sees Mathew McConaughey traveling through space jumping into black holes leading to five dimensional worlds on a journey to save the human race.

Assistant professor Shiro Yamazaki is an assistant professor at the Tokyo Institute of Technology with his research focus being physics. Assistant professor Shiro has graduated from the University of Tokyo with a Doctor in Physics.

His love and passion for science is like no one else, as well as his interest in teaching the beauty and excitement of science.

One of the most eye-catching workshops he holds is “learning the theory of relativity through the movie Interstellar”

Assistant professor Shiro is well known to be one of the many people inspired by the movie Interstellar, but his love towards the film is far stronger than many of the “fans” I have seen. 

I think it’s much easier to imagine his love towards the film Interstellar when you’ve heard that he traveled almost 5,000 miles (7,800km) to Sydney, just to see the movie Interstellar in an IMAX theater and came back to Tokyo on the same day.

The workshop caught the attention of many people because of how Assistant professor Shiro clarifies and explains many of the difficult theories most of us, including myself couldn’t understand throughout the film.

To be honest I think many of us who have watched the film had a whole list of questions and Googled it during the film or asked one of our smart friends. Still didn’t make much sense for me.

This workshop is attracting attention because of how Assistant professor Shiro answers many of the major questions we all have.

(Spoiler Alert!!)

Yes it’s pretty obvious that the message the film is trying to send is that “Love is the one thing that transcends time and space”.

Christopher Nolan used the theory of relativity to illustrate the power of love.

But I think the question of why and how most of us have is more like,

“what is a black hole? How is it different from a worm hole? Wait, what’s a worm hole?”

“What does it mean that traveling through a worm hole takes you to a different galaxy in a different dimensional world?”

“why does an hour in a different galaxy become more than 25 years in ours?”

Assistant professor Shiro will describe these difficult topics we couldn’t understand when Google taught us by applying theories of physics and relativity.

Now I think most of you are thinking, How can I participate in this workshop!?

For the lucky students that have successfully been accepted to the ISSJ 2018 Spring Program in Okinawa Assistant professor Shiro will kindly be holding this workshop for us.

I personally strongly suggest that if your attending to this workshop with ISSJ or without, you watch the film Interstellar and come to the workshop full of question.

To be honest I think most of the Interstellar workshop won’t make any sense if you haven’t watched the film.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity and definitely watch the film!

If you’re not attending to our Spring Program watch the film anyway because it’s simply a phenomenal film. Professor Shiro also holds public workshop for people that are interested so be sure to check his Facebook.


Assistant professor Shiro Yamazaki

Assistant professor Shiro has graduated the University of Tokyo with a Doctor in Physics. He has a rich career through working with the Institute for Solid State Physics of the University of Tokyo, University of Hamburg and as a research professor at the University of Osaka is truly worth mentioning.

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