an organization that supports
the scientific research of
high school students.

How to get research support


Please fill out the web form.

2.Meeting with MANAI mentor

Please discuss your research schedule and policies.

3.Start your research

Mentoring sessions will be held periodically.
Participants will present their research in MANAI’s presentation sessions on a regular basis.
Participants will participate in external contests and competitions as appropriate.

*Click here for grant programs that mainly provide financial support.

Manai Grant


How much is the tuition?
There are no tuition fees or research costs. Students will be responsible for their own transportation expenses when attending conferences.
Until how old are you eligible to apply?
Those who are enrolled in junior high school or high school, or are of a similar age, are eligible.
(If you are in a grade other than the above, please contact us individually.)
Can I enroll from a rural area or outside Japan?
Yes. We will support you with our online system.
What kind of person will be my Mentor?
Mentor matches based on the academic field etc. where students are interested. In addition, we may find and match external mentors.
I have never done research. Can you learn from the research method during the assessment period?
Yes, you can. We will support you in finding a research theme.
Can I also ask about college or finding employment?
Mentors will consult about the course to be followed and the introduction to the laboratory according to interests and research content. You can consult broadly including worries and troubles with your Mentor.
Are there extra-curricular activities?
Yes. Workshops and lectures will be held as appropriate. You are also invited to participate in the MANAI Seminar, which is open to the general public.
Is there any chance that my application for research support will not be accepted?
For example, if you directly ask for assistance with university entrance exams or qualification exams, or if MANAI determines that you do not need support for your research, we will decline to provide support or mentoring after consultation.