Manai Institute of Science and Technology

A world you can only see through immersing yourself

Students will continuously conduct their research and express themselves to the world through their research.

Manai will not have one time table for all the students.
Students will spend their time centralized on their own research while participating in Manai’s workshop and experiments.

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Assessment Period

Before the official enrollment of the institute, there will be a six-months assessment period. Students’ ability, interest and passion will be looked at and only those who are serious about researching at Manai will be able to enroll.

Procedure until enrollment

The application for the fall of 2019 has been closed.We will inform you on the next application opening on our website.We plan to update our website around mid October.

“Senpai” system

Every student will be assigned an outside Mentor (“Senpai”). The “Senpai” will not only support financially, but also with career prospects and learning as a whole.

“Senpai” system

The entire world is the campus

Students will not only research at the Manai Base, but will also be able to research at affiliated institutes, universities, companies depending on the contents of the research.

Manai Tokyo Base

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If you apply the individual information session, please give us a few dates when you are available. We will get back to you soon.