Project “Swing-by” initiated!

Swing-by is a project where middle and highschool students all over the world come together and establish a research group with ISSJ mentors for an international collaboration research.
Collaborating with research friends from all over the world, participants will present their research projects at seasonal program organized by ISSJ.
Forming a global team with members of the same interest, regular online meetings combined with individual research, the project will be finalized through a face to face meeting at the end. Essentially, Swing-by is an open science club that is outside of our schools we normally attend.


1.Registration Essay submission and interview

After submitting an essay and conducting an online interview and Swing-by participation is confirmed, the result and formation of the research group will then be formed by ISSJ.

2.Initial online meeting – Group introduction and assignment of mentors

Under the facilitation by the ISSJ Mentor, introduction of members will be conducted as well as deciding a research theme and discussing schedules.

3.Research Project

A weekly online meeting will take place, and in the meantime each team member will be responsible for their own research work. Depending on the group, some may utilize their vacation days to gather at the ISSJ lab and develop their research. The final results and findings will be submitted to science competitions all around the world.


The group efforts that are acknowledge in the Swing-by, will be able to participate in the ISSJ seasonal program.

(Participation fee, accommodation and food will be covered. Flights will be NOT be covered.)

The world needs your excitement and curiosity.

To make the world more free and exciting. The limitless curiosity of the young generation can be the powerful engine to do so. Let us gather together to learn and excite ourselves, to make the world more exciting. People who want to immerse relentlessly in their interests – is exactly what we are looking for.


The ISSJ program of spring and summer of 2019 will be released on the web.
  • Swing-by Group presentation
  • Science Workshop
  • Lectures by Guest Researcher
  • Other fun activities
  • Visits to innovative research facilities
Participation fee, accommodation fee and food will be covered(Flights will not be covered)


How do we conduct research when the team members are all over the world?
Group meetings will regularly be held online. Each will be responsible for their role in the group and conduct research individually. Depending on the group, members may gather at the ISSJ Lab and further research, if necessary.
What should we do if we need equipment for our research?
Please discuss with your school if you can use their equipment. ISSJ Mentor will assist you when necessary. If necessary, the ISSJ Mentor can also coordinate with nearby Universities and Entities as well as labs to assist with the research, if necessary.
I have never done any research.
Even if you have never conducted research before, please learn by doing. The most important thing is your passion and persisting one step and success at a time.
What about the cost of the research?
Generally speaking, ISSJ will cover them. If you have access to your school’s facilities, please use those.
Does it cost money to participate in Swing-by?
No.If your group is invited for the ISSJ seasonal program, the flights to Japan will need to be covered.

ISSJ Mentors

Yoshi (Yoshifumi Komasa)

Yoshifumi graduated from Keio University majoring in Applied Physics and Physico-Informatics. He also works with students at NPO Showa Gakuen. Founded Sky Sea International Academy in Ghana. Changing the world from Japan, “Move for One”.
  • 量子コンピュータ用半導体材料としてのシリコン同位体を用いたバルク単結晶の作成(2003) Creating a bulk mono-crystal using silicon isotope as semiconductor material for quantum computing
  • 三次元動的モデリングにおける単振り子(2004) Three dimensional dynamic modeling of single pendulum
  • Linux on Mainframeによる大型システムの災害対策設計構築およびパフォーマンス(2008) Disaster planning, building, and performance of large scale system using linux on mainframe

Gaku Nagashima

B.S. in Physics from SUNY Stony Brook.
M.S. in Applied Physics from Harvard University
While researching at Harvard University as a PhD candidate in Applied Physics, Gaku began practicing meditation and yoga, and got into scientific investigations of spiritual practices.
  • G. Nagashima, E.V. Levine, D.P. Hoogerheide, M.M. Burns, and J.A. Golovchenko. 2014. “Superheating and homogeneous single bubble nucleation in a solid-state nanopore.” Physical Review Letters, 113, Pp. 024506.

… Other mentors information will be updated soon.


Target Age of Participants Age 10〜17 (At the time of application)
Participant Requirements
  • Ability to participate in English discussions
  • Pass the interview and selection process
  • available to access Internet when the scheduled meetings are hold.
Participation Fee free
Requirements for the theme of each project are:
  • Must be related to Science (Hypothesis, data and logical conclusions are reproducible)
  • When deciding on the theme, social issues and its solutions do not need to be considered. The focus will be on individual interests and research one would like to realize. Within the project, the application to social issues and its solutions, as well as the connection to society will be debated.

Registration Form

3rd application deadline : September 30, 2018

Thank you for your interest in our Program. We have filled up all the available slots for now. If/when we reopen the application, we will announce it through our website.


The International School will be found with a special focus on students’ science research project. The project will consist of creating a learning environment which will also function as a research institute, where students will receive an accredited high school diploma. This learning environment will encourage and support students to immerse themselves in their interests, all the while gaining various knowledge and skill sets. Therefore, there will be no teachers who will enforce their teaching to students. The Mentors will guide and direct the learnings and research of each student. There will be no one-size-fits-all curriculum. Each students’ curriculum will be tailored according to the individual. Projected School Opening: September 2020 Planned School Accreditation: WASC Location of School: TBD


“Swing-by” is a technique of the spacecraft to change the direction of movement using the universal gravitational force of the celestial body. Space crafts use the gravity of passing planets to proceed in a direction that can not be reached by itself and further accelerates themselves using the revolution speed of the passing stars. By directing our interests and further accelerating it, coming up with results we can give back to the world, becomes an invaluable common asset to mankind. This is why the project was named “swing-by,” from our hope for ISSJ to become those passing planets and passing stars that help direct and accelerate those individuals that want to part take in this giving back process.

photo by NASA

Recruiting Supportive Community Member

We are recruiting companies and individuals who are interested in supporting the Swing-by Project. Youth from all around the world who are going beyond their schools to part take in research that will create innovation through science to make the world better. Individuals who were the learner becomes a mentor and leads the younger ones. Be a member of this sustainable ecological system.
How to get involved:
  • Financial support
  • Equipment rental/donation
  • Mentor
  • Hosting the collaboration research project
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