Spring Program 2019


Spring Program 2019 Theme
"Dig Deeper".

Pursuing our interests thoroughly without being distracted by the outside noise. This experience in itself is one of the aspects that brings about innovative scientists - which is also what we would like the students involved with Manai to experience. In addition, this concept of “Digging Deeper” is exactly what makes you who you are. When one goes beyond their limit, the things they can see and discover should make him/her stronger and become an essential experience to their life.

Immersing in what you like, despite what anyone else says. Manai aims to prepare that environment. There, you will likely discover something you had never seen before.

Application Deadline


October 31st, 2018 (Japan Standard Time)


Thank you for your interest in our Program.
Application for 2019 Spring Program has been closed.
We hope to see your application in the next Program!

Messages from past Participants

I feel that this experience not only developed my passion for science more but also developed me as a whole person. Being surrounded by people of different backgrounds and cultures broadened my perspective and because of the unique teaching style, we all learned a lot.

(Philippines J・M)

It's very successful in a way that we gained a lot of knowledge in just a span of ten days and learning with our multi-national classmates/friends. It's also successful since it grew our "class" as an inseparable group of students from around the world, though we come from different nation with different beliefs. ISSJ really made us very close.

(Philippines J・G)

Features of Spring Program 2019

Research Project:

Creating a research project plan.
Participants will get into their groups and work on their research project plan.
The research project plan should include 4 parts. :
1.Background and objective

While receiving guidance and advice from the Manai mentors, in combinations to the workshops and lectures, the students will prepare a research plan that the group will engage in the future, accordance to the actual format used by researchers.
The creation of the research plan in itself will be the process to think about being a future scientist, looking into their interests and how that impacts society effectively.


Students will participate in workshops while working on their research project. We will deal with fields that can be utilized in whatever field the students are going to be in the future, to make sure that it will function as a bridge between their future specialty fields and other fields.

Student Life in Dormitory:

Students will stay in a dormitory near the University.
This will allow students to make memorable experiences, where students will build friendships with participants from around the world – as they spend time together and learn from one another. This also gives them an opportunity to immerse themselves in the university environment, which will be beneficial for their future.

Online Group Work: Research Preparation

In modern research, it is common that researchers who are based in different countries across borders to conduct collaborative research while communicating online. Immediately after the participants have been confirmed for the Manai Spring Program (in early December), research groups are created according to the interests of the students. Within those groups, online meetings would be regularly conducted with the Manai mentor and research work will start in each group. An interim presentation will take place online at the end of January. The Spring Program implemented at the end of March, is a place for each group to conduct experiments intensively and to finalize their research. This opportunity to experience future international collaborative research, is the uniqueness of our Spring Program.


Day1: 26th March Orientation / Workshops
Day2: 27th March Group work everyday
Other programs will include the following:
-Cutting edge research

*Day4:We are planning a field trip

Day3: 28th March
Day4: 29th March
Day5: 30th March
Day6: 31st March
Day7: 1st April Presentation
Day1: Orientation / Workshops
Day2 - 6: Group work everyday
Other programs will include the following:
-Cutting edge research

*Day4:We are planning a field trip

Day7: Presentation

*The contents of the workshops and experiments may change.
*Participants will receive the final schedule accordingly.

Spring Program 2019 Application Requirements

Date 2019 26th March - 1st April (7days)
Location Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University
Accommodation OIST Seaside House
Target age 12 to 17 years old (Junior High and High school students) as of April 1st 2019
Capacity 30 participants
Participation fee 230,000 JPY
(Including participation fee, accommodation fee and insurance)
Scholarship Scholarships will be provided for some students who excel as a result of the document screening and interviews.
The scholarship will not cover the airfare or transportation to Japan.
Criteria English proficiency to participate in lectures/Motivated and able to participate.
Able to participate in the group works preparation (before the actual Program)
* The research preparation will start in December and have an interim presentation at the end of January. Please make sure that you are able to participate in individual research work as well as regular online meetings prior to the Spring Program.
Organizer Manai Institute of Science and Technology (ISSJ Inc.)
Supporters MistletoeOIST

How to apply / Application Procedures

The application process for the Spring Program 2019 is as follows:


Please register through this form (please answer in English)

Deadline : October 31th, 2018 23:59 (JST)

Thank you for your interest in our Program.Application for 2019 Spring Program has been closed.We hope to see your application in the next Program!


If you pass the document screening, there will be an online interview.
The online interview will be conducted through the application called Zoom.
Scheduling of the interview will be coordinated with the student.


The result will be notified before November 30th, 2018.


We will need a participation agreement with a parent/guardian’s signature.
We will also inform you of the participation fee transfer information.